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Use of ACPs and Properties of Metal Aluminum? | HLCALUMINIUM

Aluminum is used as a building material in different forms for residential and industrial applications. Aluminum as a building material possesses various engineering properties that are superior.Aluminum composite panels,which are made from aluminum, also have many advantages. Let's read on to find out.



Introduction to aluminum


As a general description of the element "aluminum", it is a metal with the chemical symbol "Al". This element has an atomic number of 13 and an atomic weight of 27. Aluminum is the third most common element in the earth's crust. This is after oxygen and silicon. Eight percent of the total mass of the earth's crust is occupied by this metal; therefore it is the most abundant.


Brushed finish ACP Sign Sheet Aluminum Composite Panel



Industrial metals


Aluminum has been used in earnest as an industrial metal since 1886. This was the period when the modern smelting process was developed. This meant that the metal was available for a shorter period of time than metals such as lead, copper and bronze, which had been used for thousands of years. The material was often used as a substitute for steel, and their special properties were essential and worth the money spent. Special properties mean that they are light in weight and bright in appearance. The current world consumption of aluminum is in the range of 20 million tons per year.




Alloys of aluminum


Pure aluminum is weak. This material is commonly used for electrical conductor applications and for manufacturing domestic products such as cans, pans and packaging. For severe structural applications, aluminum must be strengthened by the addition of alloys. This transformation of properties brings a tensile strength of over 500 N/mm2 for aluminum. Forged materials in the form of profiles, plates and sheets are available in 10 basic alloys. The choice of this material is simple compared to structural steel materials.

In engineering, the term aluminum is referred to as a material based on aluminum and alloys. To obtain a pure aluminum material, "pure aluminum" must be specified. In sand casting applications, aluminum is a suitable alternative to cast iron. For small castings, it is a good and strong substitute for zinc. The great reliability of aluminum castings comes from the standard and guarantees their availability in automotive wheel applications.


Solid Color Curtain Wall Aluminum Composite Panel



Aluminum Plastic Sheet


HENGLICAI aluminum composite sheet is a new type of material made of surface treated and painted aluminum with a core layer of polypropylene and polypropylene plastic mix, compounded by a series of processes. By producing roll-painted aluminum sheet, it is produced with high-grade polyester paint and oxygen carbon coating. Its material surface treatment has strong adhesion, and the surface texture is fine and bright. Our aluminum composite panels have a wide selection of colors and patterns, which are widely accepted and adopted by designers.

They are suitable for different advertising design schemes, light, high strength, good rigidity, smooth surface, easy processing, weather resistance and good wear resistance. They can withstand harsh tests both indoors and outdoors, with excellent color diversity and light retention, and with a variety of high-quality coatings that effectively prevent surface soiling and are easy to maintain and clean.


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HENGLICAI is a leading company in wall decoration materials (mainly aluminum building materials) at home and abroad, integrating sheet metal production, painting, aluminum panel production, aluminum sheet production and aluminum ceiling. Whether you are designing a luxury house, a museum, a subway line, or building your own villa, hotel, or restaurant, you can find the materials we can meet your needs.


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